Notice: East Mountain Hospital has Closed

East Mountain Hospital closed its doors on October 1st, 2018, due to changes in federal and state payment regulations for the care of adult psychiatric and dual diagnosis Medicaid patients. This website will cease to operate on that date. Patients as of that date will be discharged and admitted to Carrier Clinic. Please refer to the Carrier Clinic website - - for more information.

Going forward, authorized persons may use the following telephone numbers to request information regarding patients who were formerly admitted to East Mountain Hospital:

  • Patient medications: 908-281-1341.
  • Medical records: 908-281-1479.
  • Billing, insurance, and discharge information: 908-281-1522.
  • General inquiries: 800-933-3579.

The Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital staffs thank you for your patience during this transition.