Treating Chemical Dependency
What is Bipolar Disease
If you wish to contact East Mountain Hospital about a possible admission, please call 800-379-1949.
Individualized Treatment

Individualized treatment based upon the patient’s needs through assessment by the psychiatrist, nurse, primary therapist, allied clinical therapist, addiction staff and other disciplines as appropriate.

  • Individual, group and family therapeutic interventionstreatment group

  • Patient and family education provided from a multidisciplinary and collaborative perspective

  • A collaboratively developed discharge plan involving the patient, family and treatment team, ensuring a more successful return to the community

  • Medical consultation /evaluation and recommendations

  • Medication evaluation and management

  • Contact and treatment updates are given to outside providers upon request/approval of the client

Financial Assistance
Please contact the Director of Financial Services at (908)281-1526 to inquire about the process to qualify for assistance.
Financial Assistance Policy.pdf